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  • Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set

    Most sports cars are designed with a low ride in mind and sometimes getting that floor jack under the car is a challenge.  Fear not, Cusco has brought its newest product to the market: the Jack Assist Ramp Set.

    This ramp set is unlike the ramp sets you see on the market.  It features a detachable 2-piece design that allows for easy storage especially for those who seek a compact design to haul tools to the track.  Due to the detachable nature of these ramps, the length of the ramp and mild climb angle can be maximized to allow low cars to clear the ramps.  The ramps are made from strong ABS plastic which is not only tough and resilient, but also very light.  On top of these great features, the ramp sets are made in Japan, where quality control on materials and manufacturing is simply world class!

    Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set - MSRP: $98

  • Black Friday 2014

    At CounterSpace Garage, we would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  As one of the few shops in the world to test and prove products we sell, we would like to thank you for all your support and for allowing us to continue testing for you!  To extend our thanks, we have some very special deals for you this season so don't hesitate to check them out now!  If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at  Thank you for your support!


  • TWS Forged Motorsport T66-F Wheels

    CounterSpace Garage is the official dealer for TWS Forged wheels in North America.  We had our first set of wheels brought in.  These wheels were shipped via air freight and picked up directly from the airport.  That's some epic shipping service right there.

    We had a chance to do some initial inspection on the wheels and found some neat engineering touches that are only found on the best wheels in the world.  So what does that mean?  In fact, the reason behind TWS's greatness lies in the idea of developing, building, testing, manufacturing every single aspect of their wheels in their own facility.  This allows them to control every possible aspect of their wheel design and continuously develop them from their decades of motorsports experience.

    Let's check out the standard boxed wheel itself.  Oh look, from TWS to CounterSpace Garage.  Check out that box weight!
    Box Contents

    What's inside the package?

    A clear observation of the center bolt pattern and pad shows some very impressive design intent.  The design allows for a very strong mounting section  showing a very rigid wheel's foundation and how it interacts with the hub.  Notice the fine details at the bolting location.
    Bolt Pad


    The dimples that shed weight while maintaining rigidity are unique to high-end wheels.  These dimples allow for maximum weight savings while maintaining structural integrity.  Notice the bead knurling?  That is to reduce tire slippage while the power is being put down, resulting in better grip performance.  In fact, GM had to dig into their motorsports development team to introduce this sort of knurling to their Camaro Z28 wheels to reduce the amount of bead slip due to excessive gripping forces produced by the tire.  This helps produce better acceleration, cornering, and braking characteristics overall.  Can you name the other people who have the same technology in their wheels?
    Dimples & Knurling

    Last but not least.  What about the weight of an 18x8.0 wheel?

    That's right folks, 14lbs and 9.0oz.  That's quite light especially for an 18" wheel.  The "Flat Gold" color isn't quite as flat as it seems.  It's a shiny, satin metallic looking color that's not too flashy like 24k gold rings.  What do you think?  It looks mighty impressive to us!

    Let's not forget about those center caps!
    Center Caps

    Well there you have it.  Some insight to a very exclusive wheel brought to you by CounterSpace Garage.  Stay tuned for a custom offset dedicated to true driving enthusiasts seeking the very most out of their cars' performance!

  • TAN-EI-SYA Wheel Supply (TWS) Forged Introduction

    CounterSpace Garage is proud to announce that we are the official dealer of TWS Forged wheels in North America for the import market.  With this announcement, we would like to provide a brief introduction and history of TWS Forged wheels.

    There are only a few wheel companies in the world that manufacture high quality wheels for the OEM, motorsports, and tuning markets.  There are only a handful of wheels companies that develop real forged wheels.  Some of the most notable forged wheels companies include BBS, Rays Engineering, OZ Racing, and Enkei Racing.  Wait a minute, Enkei Racing?  But I thought Enkei Racing only made cast wheels right?  Well that is actually almost true.  Enkei Racing only has one forged wheel available in the market and guess who they get their billet aluminum blanks from?  That's right, TAN-EI-SYA Wheel Supply (TWS) Forged, also known as TWS Forged wheels.

    TAN-EI-SYA is a manufacturing factory that possesses all the technological equipment to manufacture forged aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels.  It possesses the capabilities to develop new materials utilizing their own foundry to mix and produce alloys that no other wheel company can boast.  On top of that, all mold forgings, heat furnance, spinning, heat treatments, machining, surface finishes, and quality testing are all performed in-house and onsite.  This means they source their own materials, develop their own alloys, and manufacture everything in one place.  Talk about efficiency and tight quality control right?

    This type of desired quality control of true engineered products is what drives TAN-EI-SYA to continue to develop high quality wheels for the OEM, motorsport, and tuning markets.  In fact, they have been supplying forged magnesium blanks for Formula 1 since 1993!  It was not until recently, TAN-EI-SYA decided to establish TAN-EI-SYA Wheel Supply Co., Ltd. to develop a tuning market for the tuners.  Through this establishment, the TWS Forged brand was created in 2010 to bring forth true racing technology to the masses.

    There is a lot to add about TWS, however, in lieu of brevity, we would like to show pictures of their iconic motorsports design (5 twin spoke) in action.  The magnesium forged wheels are used on racecars including ALMS prototypes and Super GT.

    Super GT cars photo courtesy of TWS Forged Motorsport website.

    Aston Martin Le Mans LMP1 (AMR ONE) photo Courtesy of Tanco Americas.

    TRD Griffon GT86 Photo Courtesy of MotorTrend's coverage of Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Check out our FRS/BRZ offerings available.  These wheels will also fit on 5x100 Subaru Impreza WRX setups. T66-F BRZ/FRS fitments

  • TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) S2000 Testing

    Buttonwillow Raceway 13CW track configuration is a very famous race track for time attacking in California.  It's trademark rough surface, rhythmic driving line, elevation changes, and various types of corners make it one of the most demanding tracks in the world.  It is here where many different suspension systems and aero setups are developed and put to the test.  Breaking the 2-minute mark on the 13CW configuration using street tires (140TW+) is the guideline for a fast driver and properly setup car.



    CSG's sponsored driver, Ryan Houck, takes his 2009 Honda S2000 out to Buttonwillow with our CSG Spec valved TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) coilovers on 16kg/mm springs.  Prior to this setup, Ryan was on KW Variant 3 coilovers and wanted to compare the KWs to the newly acquired TEIN SRCs.  Needless to say, Ryan broke into the 1:59s during his suspension testing, making him the first street tired (140 TW+), naturally aspirated S2000 on factory OEM aero additions to break the 2 minute barrier.  Check out Ryan's 1:59 video below!


    CSG Sponsored Driver: Ryan Houck
    Car: 2009 Honda S2000 - Grand Prix White
    AP2 OEM Front Lip
    S2000 CR OEM Wing
    Bolt-in Rollbar
    Berk Technology 63mm Test Pipe
    J's Racing 60RS SUS Single Exhaust
    Bronze Volk CE28N 17x10
    Hankook RS3 255/40/17
    CounterSpace Garage Aluminum Lug Nuts M12x1.5
    TEIN SRC - CSG Spec Coilovers

    Berk Technology 63mm Test Pipe - S2000 - $99.99
    CounterSpace Garage Aluminum Lug Nuts M12x1.5 - $190.00
    TEIN SRC - CSG Spec - S2000 Coilovers - $4343.75

  • Buttonwillow 13CW Testing

    It almost feels like yesterday, but our testing on TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) coilovers on our BRZ yielded some amazing results.  TEIN SRCs is TEIN's motorsports grade 2-way adjustable compression/rebound suspension kit.  On the first day of testing on the very first set of TEIN SRCs in the US, we lapped an amazing 2:01 with just Hankook RS3s and worn brake pads (the TEIN R&D Engineer was sitting shotgun with our beloved CSG driver).  That lap record was held for nearly a year before it was finally taken down by Maxrev's Street Tuned BRZ, also fitted with TEIN SRCs.  An amazing feat for Toyota/Subaru's much anticipated sports car, as well as, a testament to the capabilities of TEIN's SRC 2-way adjustable coilover.

    Since then, we have been the street tire record holders for multiple Southern California tracks with only three basic modifications to our car: TEIN SRC coilovers, Hankook RS3s, and Project Mu 999 Front/Rear brake pads.  We eventually added the Essex AP Sprint Kit to reduce our brake pad consumption from all the testing, driving instruction, and joy rides we have provided to the community.

    Check out a video of our Maxxis RC-1 testing in the winter of 2012 when we ran a 2:00 and nearly broke into 59s on the first day of testing:


    TEIN Super Racing Circuit - BRZ/FRS - $3930.00
    Project Mu 999 Front - BRZ/FRS - $300.00
    Project Mu 999 Rear - BRZ/FRS - $300.00
    Essex AP Racing Sprint Competition Kit - BRZ/FRS - $2099.00
    Project Mu 999 - AP Racing CP8350 Caliper - $348.33

  • Maxxis Victra RC-1 Tire Commercial

    In late 2012, CounterSpace Garage (CSG) was invited to test the up and coming R-compound tire from Maxxis.  The Maxxis RC-1 is a very capable 100TW tire that stacks up well against the Toyo RA1, Nitto NT01, and Toyo R888.  It is not only consistent, but also very forgiving.  CSG will be using Maxxis RC-1 tires on their cars to compete in the Redline Time Attack, Global Time Attack, and Super Lap Battle.  Check out the tire commercial that was released almost a year ago!

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